Award-winning Lifestyle Photography + Documentary Filmmaking 

For Austin’s Most Fun-Loving Families + Snuggliest Newborns

Less perfect. More authentically now.

Real life isn’t staged and posed. It’s fun, it’s messy, it’s crazy hard, and it’s so incredibly joyful. You deserve family photos + films that are as lively (and effortlessly beautiful) as your bonds with one another.

When it comes to photography + films, you want something that feels like home: low pressure, simple, and relaxed. Whether you want those family pictures literally taken at home or in a new, fun locale, you’re not chasing after another portrait of faux perfection. This time you want images + films that are a true reflection of your beautiful, messy, imperfect now.

You’re looking for something a little different... 

So If You’re Looking For...

more natural belly laughs and less stiff, “pretty” smiles

a low-pressure photo session that will allow you to relax in your own element

beautiful, natural environments where you can just have fun with your family

un-fussy and authentic photographs of your growing family

an experienced photographer that will stick with you as your family grows and changes

the chance to have someone else document your family while you snuggle and live in the moment

You’re in the right place! Capturing the raw beauty and fun of everyday living is my specialty. 

“This Is A More Personal, Colorful, And Real Snapshot Into Who We Are And How We Love As A Family."

"From sticky syrup fingers to princess crowns and plastic shoes to the simple magic of bubbles, the photos and video that Alissa captured tell the story of our family at this sweet and exhausting time in our lives.” 

– Lauren

Save the moments you are never able to because you know it’s impossible to reach for your phone’s camera and live in the moment at the same time.

I’m Alissa, your photographer of life for life

Since 2012, I’ve photographed thousands of Austin families. I was a lifestyle and family photographer before I even started my own family.  

This has never been a side hustle for me, but a lifetime career that I am (to be honest) obsessed with. I’m so committed to my work that rather than viewing my families as clients, I tend to view you as an extension of my own family. And family takes care of family. My goal is to take care of you and make the whole process as easy and stress-free as it can be. 

I love getting to watch your kiddos grow up and your family bond become stronger from behind my camera year after year. Growing a family is hard work and sometimes you can get bogged down in the day-to-day. My goal is to help you preserve all the beauty that can be found in your authentic now with images that will make you simultaneously laugh and happy-cry.

I can’t wait to show you the raw beauty in your everyday life, true memories that are reflective of your family dynamic, personalities, and quirks.

"Ahhhh! So Exciting. These Are Fabulous!"

“I don’t know how you take such amazing photos that capture moments so perfectly while simultaneously wrangling toddlers, soothing infants, and directing parents... but I’m so grateful you do!”

– Katherine S.


Photos That Grow In Meaning Over Time

The moments I capture become the “remember when” moments, those seemingly mundane days that when we look back become our favorite memories. The near-daily trips to the local duck pond, the snuggly mornings in bed, your family’s “sundaes on Sunday” at the ice cream shop tradition, the before bedtime dance parties, the time spent together exploring your favorite (or new!) outdoor spot.

This time won’t last forever. My goal is to make it easy for you to save it in pictures that become even more cherished as the years go by. 

Is your business needing a visual refresh?

How many times have you thought, “I wish I could save this moment forever”?

Brand Photography + Films 

Lifestyle Family Films

As a fellow business owner and creative, I have a unique appreciation for the work that goes into effective visual identities that will do more than look good ‒ it will help grow your brand. My brand packages serve as a celebratory experience for your team as together we capture your growing business, services, and products.

Lifestyle Family Films allow you to do just that. As a fly-on-the-wall photographer, I document your everyday life in a real, raw, and unposed manner. The routine and, perhaps, mundane moments of day-to-day life right now are some of the ones you never want to forget.